Berlinale Moments 2018

Glashütte Original – Documentary Award goes to "The Waldheim Waltz"

The Austrian production "THE WALDHEIM WALTZ" is the winner of the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award at the 68th Berlinale. Director and producer Ruth Beckermann accepted the 50,000 Euro award Saturday evening during the official award ceremony in the Berlinale Palast. In the presence of a live audience of 1,600 guests in the theatre and hundreds of thousands watching a live television broadcast, the jury members Cíntia Gil, Ulrike Ottinger and Eric Schlosser presented the award to the very happy filmmaker "for her exceptional cinematic portrait of a political liar". In her emotional acceptance speech, Ruth Beckermann said, "I am overwhelmed. As a maker of documentaries, one seldom stands in the limelight like this. I thank the Forum, for having selected this film. And I thank everyone who supported it – above all my team, who worked with me for such a long time on it. I am very happy about the award and this success, but there is also the bitter taste of knowing that something that happened 30 years ago is so relevant today."

The Award Ceremony proved a worthy finale for a brilliant Festival that saw principal partner Glashütte Original contribute numerous highlights and "Capital Moments". The inspiring locations in and around Potsdamer Platz served us as an exceptional stage for the presentation of our special edition, "Senator Chronograph – The Capital Edition". Whether on the Red Carpet, at receptions, in meetings or during interviews with the press, the three strictly limited editions in stainless steel, red gold and platinum celebrated a successful premiere and proved excellent companions for confidently stylish filmmakers and visitors.

Once again, we hosted our guests in the exclusive Golden Bear Lounge, directly opposite the Red Carpet and one of the Berlinale's most important meeting points. Every day Glashütte Original welcomed, along with customers and partners of the manufactory, film and media industry creatives, journalists, filmmakers and watch connoisseurs from around the world. "In these festive days Berlin is always the world capital of the cinema – we wish to join in the discussions here, and make ourselves known. We've succeeded in doing both this year," said CEO Thomas Meier. "The Golden Bear Lounge proved to be an attraction for some of the most exciting players at the Berlinale – and the perfect location to present our watches and our brand to an international audience."

Home stretch fever strikes the Berlinale Friday

With the 68th Berlinale heading into the home stretch, Friday brought an astounding outbreak of celebrity fever – and it wasn't even for a movie star, but for THE musician of our time, Ed Sheeran. At the world premiere of the documentary SONGWRITER Friday evening at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, fans went wild in pursuit of the superstar's autograph. Earlier that afternoon during the SONGWRITER photo call, our guests in the Golden Bear Lounge clustered around the little porthole offering a glimpse of the photographers' flash-lightning next door.

Given the circumstances, it was perhaps not by chance that Philip Zwez, Managing Director Music & Brands and Business Synergy & Development with UNIVERSAL MUSIC Germany, chose this particular Friday to appear as our guest in the Lounge.

Finding her way once again to the Golden Bear Lounge was Marie Bäumer, accompanied this time by her son, Shawn von Tempelhoff – she is one of the many guests who evidently took pleasure in retreating to the Lounge on several occasions.

Apart from the hubbub around Ed Sheeran and the other premieres of the day, Friday was a comparatively quiet time in the Golden Bear Lounge. The Berlinale took one more big, deep breath before the grand finale and Award Ceremony Saturday evening. In advance of their world premieres, cast and crew members from the following films each found a way to enjoy an unforgettable trop to the Red Carpet and on up into the Berlinale Palast:

MUG, from Poland, in competition for a Berlinale Bear – we were privileged to welcome the director and screenwriter, Małgorzata Szumowska, to the Lounge.

IN THE AISLES, a German competition entry with Sandra Hüller and Franz Rogowski – both of whom were regular guests of Glashütte Original here at the Berlinale.

ÁGA, an international production from Bulgarian director Milko Lazarov, an out-of-competition entry at the Festival this year.

And, keeping their heads well above the Festival fray while laying down reliable rhythms of precision: our handmade watches, enchanting many of our guests this Friday as well.

Good spirits and charm fill the Golden Bear Lounge

The thrills and excitement of premiere screenings took over the Golden Bear Lounge again as the big day arrived for a great many productions. Whenever a film crew arrives in our Lounge in advance of their appearance at the Berlinale Palast, an inspiring atmosphere of excited anticipation quickly proves catching: everyone present begins to feel butterflies fluttering inside. And so it was, once again, on Thursday – Day 8 of the 68th Berlinale:

Following the official press conference and prior to the late afternoon premiere, Markus Imhoof chose to honour us with a visit to the Lounge. The Swiss director and maker of documentaries already has one Silver Bear, earned in 1981 at the Berlinale for THE BOAT IS FULL; he is also credited with the most successful Swiss documentary of all time, MORE THAN HONEY (2012), and was in town Thursday for the world premiere of his latest documentary, ELDORADO. The film, screening out of competition at the Berlinale, is also one of the 18 nominees for the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award.

Early Thursday evening the film "MUSEUM", from Mexico and showing in competition, celebrated its world premiere. A great many cast and crew members were on hand for their pre-screening warm-up. Among them were actors Ilse Salas and Gael Garcia Bernal, producer Gerardo Gatic, screenwriter Manuel Alcalá and director Alonso Ruizpalacios, all in good spirits and collectively flooding the Lounge with their charm.

Idris Elba is currently celebrating a premiere of a very special kind. The renowned British actor, famous for TV series such as LUTHER and THE WIRE and for his role as Nelson Mandela in MANDELA: THE LONG WALK HOME, is here to present YARDIE, his first film as a director. He was present right next door to the Lounge for a photo call and press conference, and from there his impressive aura travelled easily to reach our guests. 

And let's not forget TOUCH ME NOT, an international co-production directed by Adina Pintilie, which celebrated its world premiere late in the evening and caused quite a stir out front of the Berlinale Palast and at the windows in our Lounge.

At every Berlinale premiere our watches, too, make a big impression: Whether the Capital Edition, Lady Serenade or one of our Senator Excellence models – these timepieces cut an excellent figure every day on the wrists of many filmmakers and guests as they make their way over the Red Carpet to attend the premieres. 

Attentive guests in the Golden Bear Lounge by Glashütte Original Thursday were fortunate to encounter such luminous presences as Iris Berben, one of Germany's most well-known and popular actresses, German actor Clemens Schick, who talked about his role in THE LOST ONES, Maria Ramos, director of the documentary THE TRIAL (nominated for the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award this year), and the German actor Tim Wilde (proudly sporting a Senator Chronograph Panorama Date on his wrist).

Friends and guests of Glashütte Original business partner Bucherer gathered at the Lounge after dark for another breath-taking party. Catching the eye of many party-goers were a watchmaker and a tie-cutter (tailor), both on hand in flesh and blood and happy to demonstrate their exceptional craft skills.

Capital Moments on Day 7 of the Berlinale

Wednesday, Day 7 of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, brought a number of memorable Capital Moments, and not only at the Berlinale Palast:

It was a cold, sunny day in Berlin and the perfect opportunity for us to capture some excellent impressions offside the red carpet and outside our lounge with our Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar in steel and our iconic PanoMaticLunar. The pictures show how well our timepieces fit in the energy loaded, urban atmosphere of the German Capital.

Our trip then led us to the Zoo Palast, home to the Berlinale Series: By invitation of the Festival Director, Berlinale Series screens a curated selection of exceptional serial formats as world and international premieres every year. Premiering Wednesday was BAD BANKS, starring Paula Beer, Désirée Nosbusch and Jörg Schüttauf, and THE TERROR, starring Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies.

At the Golden Bear Lounge by Glashütte Original we were pleased to welcome Lav Diaz, the director and screenwriter of the remarkable SEASON OF THE DEVIL. Susanne Wuest was on hand to talk about MY BROTHER'S NAME IS ROBERT AND HE'S AN IDIOT (with Stefan Kornarske and Julia Zange).

Among other prominent guests in the Lounge we noted Cem Özdemir, a member of the German Parliament and former leader of the party Alliance '90/The Greens. American screen actor DeWanda Wise was also spotted admiring our collection.

And there are always a number of guests enjoying our views of the Red Carpet. Many of them, after warming up with a glass of champagne in the Lounge, make their way down to the street and across the Red Carpet themselves, yesterday among them cast and crew members representing: MY BROTHER's NAME IS ROBERT & HE'S AN IDIOT (from Germany), KHOOK (from Iran) and UNSANE, from the American director Steven Soderbergh, said to have been shot using an iPhone (!) and starring Claire Foy and Joshua Leonard.

Berlin spotlights Glashütte Original – Documentary Award

Tuesday at the Berlinale saw the spotlight fall on two very special prizes: the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award and the Honorary Golden Bear.

The Glashütte Original – Documentary Award, endowed and funded for the second year in a row by Glashütte Original, is worth 50,000 Euros to the winning filmmaker and producer. The award is of enormous importance, both for the genre – movie-goers often seem to favour feature films –  and the highly motivated and passionate filmmakers themselves. That fact was underscored Tuesday as the crews of all 18 contenders for this year's award accepted an invitation from the Berlinale and Glashütte Original to attend the official reception, held in the Golden Bear Lounge.

The atmosphere in the Lounge was one of quiet pride and joy as the directors, producers, their partners, friends and committed colleagues listened to Festival Director Dieter Kosslick and Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meier. Later on, the nominees spent a leisurely hour or two networking and handling dozens of interviews. Many of those on hand for the occasion were seen admiring the Documentary Award Trophy, crafted by hand again this year by students at Glashütte Original's own watchmaking school.

Later that evening at the Berlinale Palast, the renowned actor Willem Dafoe accepted the Honorary Golden Bear, awarded in recognition of his outstanding contribution to international cinema. Our guests in the Lounge took advantage of the excellent view to follow Willem Dafoe and many other big names as they made their way over the Red Carpet into the theatre.

Attentive Red-Carpet-watchers were also happy to spot director Gus Van Sant and lead actors Joaquin Phoenix and Udo Kier on their way to the premiere screening of DON'T WORRY, HE WON'T GET FAR ON FOOT. 

“3 Days in Quiberon”, “7 Days in Entebbe”, 10 days in the Golden Bear Lounge

Heading into the Festival's final week we saw a flurry of activity in the Golden Bear Lounge Monday as our guests, partners and friends of the brand rubbed shoulders with actors, directors and film crew members, not to mention such high-profile players as Charly Hübner, Tim Wilde, Marie Bäumer and Daniel Brühl. 

What exactly do our guests do when they're here in the Lounge? They get together with their colleagues, agents, friends. Many take advantage of this quiet oasis to give interviews about their movies – as was the case for LAND, LA CAMA and SHOCKWAVES today. Many more arrive in the Lounge for a pre-screening warm-up in advance of their premiere – like Daniel Brühl, his girlfriend Felicitas Rombold and the crew of 7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE last night. A few of our guests find inspiration in the atmosphere and offer thoughtful comments about filmmaking. Actor Tim Wilde saw "timing" as the common element linking the art of filmmaking with that of watchmaking. Others come simply to sit down and relax with a coffee and soak up the atmosphere.

And, of course, many of our guests browse through the collection of Glashütte Original masterpieces. Visitors who have eyed our watches in the Lounge may also discover them beyond the fringes of the Berlinale. The new limited Senator Chronograph – The Capital Edition is winning hearts and minds in the capital at the AudiCity, Kurfürstendamm 195. You can experience excellence in the art of watchmaking there – and pick up a couple of hard-to-find tickets for a Berlinale film on this occasion.

Back in the lounge we learn that it is also an important place for the various Berlinale juries to meet. Yesterday we welcomed the jury for the GWFF BEST FIRST FEATURE AWARD (GWFF PREIS BESTER ERSTLINGSFILM): Noa Regev, Jonas Carpignano and Calin Peter Netzer. 

A little bit later one could feel the aura of Romy Schneider in the Lounge as we hosted the cast and crew of 3 DAYS IN QUIBERON. Accompanying Marie Bäumer, who plays Romy Schneider in the black and white study of the troubled actress, were Charly Hübner and the film's writer-director, Emily Atef.

Kick back and relax at the Golden Bear Oasis

The Golden Bear Lounge was a busy oasis today, as all day long cast and crew members from films big and small came to the Lounge for interviews: FIGLIA MIA (DAUGHTER OF MINE), COBAIN,  SHUT UP AND PLAY THE PIANO, GORDON & PADDY, SEKALA NISKALA (THE SEEN AND UNSEEN), HORIZON and GENESIS were all well represented. Udo Kier, one of the few German actors with an international reputation, was on hand to talk about his roles in both FIGLIA MIA and DON'T WORRY, HE WON'T GET FAR ON FOOT, where he joins Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara in director Gus Van Sant's biopic.  

Film fans in the Lounge were rewarded with close-up sightings of Ben Blaskovic, André Hennicke, Alexandra Neldel, Oliver Berben and a high-level delegation from Norway including Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande. After dark as the lights went up, star-watchers followed the course of FIGLIA MIA's Alba Rohrwacher and Valeria Golino and actors from Sweden's THE REAL ESTATE as they made their way over the red road to their Berlinale Palast showings this evening.

Annabelle Mandeng, the high-profile German TV presenter and MC of a number of Berlinale events, returned to the Lounge again today. She was here with her colleague Tanja Bülter, both – just like many of our guests – taking a very close look at a number of our watches, trying them on and being fascinated by the design of our new limited Senator Chronograph – The Capital Edition. Berlinale Opening Night host Anke Engelke dropped by in the early days of the Festival, and graciously gave our photographer a moment to capture a souvenir.

And no day goes by without at least one set of cast and crew members meeting in the Lounge for an excited "warm-up" before heading out to watch their movie. Today's players were from the Panorama section entry SHUT UP AND PLAY THE PIANO, an English/French/German coproduction starring musician Chilly Gonzales, with Peaches, Feist, Jarvis Cocker and Sibylle Berg.

More than one guest has taken to the Lounge as a welcome retreat from all the hustle and bustle of the Berlinale. Along with Udo Kier we've welcomed German actor Timur Bartels (DER CLUB DER ROTEN BÄNDER - RED BAND SOCIETY) back at least a couple of times: the Golden Bear Lounge is proving to be a popular oasis.

A day in the life of the Golden Bear Lounge

A brilliant cluster of silver-screen luminaries lit up the Golden Bear Lounge today. Among them were actor Tim Wilde (who test-drove a PanoMaticInverse and a Senator Chronograph Panorama Date), TRANSIT actors Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski, who dropped in to relax with writer-producer-director Christian Petzold, and Japan's Mina Fujii, joined by fellow cast members before heading for the Red Carpet and the world premiere of "Human, Space, Time and Human". German producer Oliver Berben put in an appearance, as did famed German filmmaker Wim Wenders and Berlinale Jury member Ryuichi Sakamoto, who presented TOKYO TWILIGHT, the 1957 film by renowned Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu.

Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick, a frequent visitor to the Lounge, settled down this afternoon with his guests in a comfortable and quiet space tucked away around a corner – but not just any corner, since you can't beat the view of Marlene Dietrich Square and the rolling Red Carpet out front of the Berlinale Palast, the Festival's flagship movie theatre. Where one of this year's most talked-about films premiered later that night – EVA, starring Isabelle Huppert. 

And what a night it was – at the Berlin-Brandenburg Media Board (MBB) reception, one of the Berlinale's most popular networking events (actually, it's THE party!!). As event partner with our very own party zone at the venue, we celebrated life and the art of cinema – together with the Who's Who of the Berlinale 2018. Among the luminous were Sandra Hüller, Matthias Schweighöfer and Florian David Fitz, Til Schweiger, Karoline Herfurth, Anne Heche, Lars Eidinger and Bjarne Mädel. Prominent friends of our watches included event host Kirsten Niehuus, spotted wearing an elegant black-dial model from our Sixties collection.

Don't miss the next episode ...

Feel the thrill of the Berlinale

What makes the Golden Bear Lounge by Glashütte Original so special is the fact that it's located right in the heart of the Berlinale. It's our privilege to welcome actors, directors, producers, celebrities and film industry movers and shakersto the Lounge. Today the president of the jury for the Berlinale, Tom Tykwer, came by, shared his thoughts on artistic originality with us and signed the guest book.

Close by the Lounge a huge crowd showed up to greet Robert Pattison and the cast and crew of "Damsel". The press conferences are only one room away, and the photo calls are right next door. So the flash of the cameras and the photographers shouting always carry the excitement into the Lounge, where our guests can watch the goings-on through a window.  

And then there's the Red Carpet, of course, right outside. You can feel the thrill of being so close when the stars arrive and climb out of their limos and make their way across the carpet. And even though it's freezing February here, you can feel them warming the hearts of their fans and our guests in the Lounge.

With everything going on it's no wonder the Lounge is such a popular venue for parties – like this evening's get-together with the jeweller WEMPE. It's a tradition already, the big WEMPE party on the first Friday evening at the Berlinale  – and one nobody ever wants to miss.

Stay tuned!

From the heart of the film world capital

The day after the premiere of our Senator Chronograph – The Capital Edition brought the next premiere right away: Opening Day of the 68th Berlinale. And a stylish, glamorous and eventful day it was.

Festival Director Dieter Kosslick wouldn't have missed it for the world – the chance to compare watches with our CEO, Thomas Meier, at the traditional event held this morning to kick off the Berlinale 2018. Nine hours left until the festival opening – the precise timing easily confirmed with Dieter Kosslick's Sixties Panorama Date and Thomas Meier's Senator Chronograph – The Capital Edition, in red gold.

After that the pace picked up in the Golden Bear Lounge by Glashütte Original, as one after another prominent guests came to visit ... ranging from the International Jury with its President Tom Tykwer to the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award jury and on to great actors like Hannes Jaenicke and Patricia Clarkson. Contemporary gentlemen, including lifestyle blogger Sami Slimani, dropped by to have a look at our collection and the new, urban Special Edition. And as always at this annual get-together, the heart of the film world was beating right here in our Lounge, as the stars watched the time, waiting for their turn to walk down the Red Carpet.